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As this blog is part of my assignment for the course »The Social Web« at Åbo Akademi, I am expected to blog at least a bit about Social Media and the Web 2.0. So, this entry is dedicated to the course.

I was just buying some beer today for a home party with friends. And it is no secret, that I like to try new beers and that most of the times I never buy two of the same brand at the same time. So, through the years, I tested a lot of different beer (mostly together with my friend Deissler, hi!) and don’t have any overview on which I drank already and which not.

So it just came to my mind to look for some kind of a social web for beer drinkers where they share what kind of beer they drink, where and how they like it, of course! After a short Google search, I found the page where users … well, rate beer! But as far as I see, there is no chance to share it via Twitter easily. So, Google again, and voilà, there it is: On this website, people »meet« in a virtual pub and share what beers they are drinking. You can also give comments and share your experience on Twitter, Facebook or Fourquare. And as on Fourquare, you can also »check in« for a beer and collect badges. I think this is quite a funny way. But of course, when you don’t use a smartphone (like I don’t) and thus don’t have the app, it might be hard on the next morning to remember what beers you had and check in …

Okay, this was a bit the fun entry for this weekend and I will try this today. Oh, and what I also found is a website called Foamee where you can track who owes you a beer or coffee.

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