Gallery day: Class Photo 2000‒11

I decided to go to Valokuvakeskus Peri (Photographic Center Peri) today to see the Class Photo 2000‒11 exhibition showing photos by the Turku artist Vesa Aaltonen. He took photos of school children in 2000 and met the pupils again in 2011 to again take photos. That idea is not new of course, but still I think it is interesting to compare the children with the almost-adults. In most cases, you really see that they begin to care for their appearance. Some have even changed their hair color, but you still see that it’s the same person in some aspect. But on the other hand totally different from the child. Due to copyright laws, it’s clear that I can not offer you any photos, but you will find some on the linked page.

Ah, and on the way home, I stopped at the Titanik Gallery to see what they got there. At the moment there is an exhibition by Pilvari Pirtola named Dance in the Flames of a World Burning Down. I must say that when I entered the room, I immediately got a strange and concerned feeling. The paintings are mostly red, black and white, showing terrifying faces or writings like »AND I WATCHED YOU BURN« really created a depressing atmosphere. And even the names of the works were a bit weird. But have a look at Pitola’s gallery at Picasa!



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